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The best $10 you can ever spend is the $10 you spend toward learning something new.  We hand select the trainers and coaches for each event from people who are not just good at growing the club, but those who are excellent teachers. Our trainings are FUN and invaluable. Those who regularly attend our events significantly outperform those who don’t attend.  As a result, they commonly sell out.  Register by selecting the next training near you.

*TICKET DELIVERY: Upon checkout, you will receive a digital ticket. Using the calendar attachment below, add this to your calendar so you don't miss it. You will receive a link in your inbox before the event begins. If you need to change the name on your ticket for any reason you can do so via the instructions on your ticket which you will receive via email.

**TICKETS ARE TRANSFERABLE TO ANYONE OUT-OF-STATE, NOT REFUNDABLE: We could charge a LOT more money for these events, but we don't so anyone can learn the information. Excess funds go towards resources like, promos, this website and our app.

Super Saturday Training (Educational & Motivational Event)